Chiang Mai Hotels

Chiang Mai Hotels

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sofitel Riverside Chiang Mai

Sofitel Riverside Chiang Mai is located in the city center, by the Ping River in northern Thailand. It is 4km from Chiang Mai Airport, and close to the city's historic attractions and famous Night Bazaar. Each of the 74 Deluxe rooms and Suites has a private balcony with river views and combines ancient Chiang Mai heritage with modern amenities. The luxury resort hotel is ideal for a holiday or a business trip and offers 2 restaurants, bars, meeting rooms, pool, Jacuzzi, fitness center and spa.

The hotel, located by the Ping River just 4km from the Airport, combines traditional Lanna architecture with modern facilities. You can access the hotel by Scorpion boat and visit the nearby Night Bazaar, Ancient Temples and 13th Century City walls.

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Charcoa Hotel and Restaurant

The Charcoa Bed and Breakfast Restaurant is located in the old City of Chiang Mai. At this lovable area we have created an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility for your enjoyment in this beautiful Lanna country home.
We serve you international meals, original Thai food, different appetizers and delicious coffee grown in the surrounding mountains of Northern Thailand. Certainly there are a lot of activities to do in and around Chiang Mai, so we would like to invite you to stay at our exclusive Hotel and enjoy your holidays in Chiang Mai - The Rose of Thailand.

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Puripunn Boutique Hotel Chiang Mai

Puripunn Baby Grand Boutique Hotel an intimate small luxury property with a total of 30 rooms is constructed in a contemporary Lanna- Oriental architectural style and the perfect room most of here is puripunn grand sweet the luxurious be calm the individual. This type of architecture is reminiscent of traditional construction commonly found in Chiang Mai. And again one the impression of a customer to have give Puripunn Baby Grand Boutique Hotel is serve informally customer interest. Make a customer ever come to rest already must come back again.

The hotel is ideally located in a tranquil area of Chiang Mai that is in close proximity to Wat Kate, vibrant Night bazaar, several night clubs, eateries, antique shops and local markets.

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BUPATARA A new boutique hotel in town

A new boutique hotel in town with our soft opening. To make your vacation experience in old city Chiang Mai memorable, Bupatara is your best choice, a place that the state-of-the-art-facilities & amenities meet pampered services.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Recommended Le Chalet Suite Chiang Mai

Hello! Today Review of Recommended Le Chalet Suite Chiang Mai

Le Chalet Suite is designed for your convenience with 53 boutique rooms featuring safety, cleanness and comfort. Services for daily and monthly. 10 minutes to The Chiang Mai International Airport. Situated near Chiang Mai University and surrounded by fabulous mountain scenery in lush tropical landscape

Le Chalet Suite is an ideal “Feels like home” for travelers and small tourist group appreciate a unique blend of tradition and modern amenities, We are perfectly located nearly the history temple call “Wat Umong” and “Doi Suthep” the symbol of Chiang Mai

We will welcome you to the relaxed, comfortable atmosphere that is present here. Each completely private is room furnished with amenities that take you back to a morecarefree, peaceful time that offers an escape from the present bustle of today

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About Chiang Mai Thailand

Thailand’s “Rose of the North” is a cultural and natural wonderland with ethnic diversity, a multitude of attractions, and welcoming hospitality.

Chiang Mai literally means “new city” and has retained the name despite celebrating its 700th anniversary in 1996. King Meng Rai the Great founded the city as the capital of the Lanna Kingdom on Thursday, April 12 1296 around the same time as the establishment of the Sukhothai Kingdom. King Meng Rai even conferred with his friends, King Ramkhamhaeng of Sukhothai and King Ngam Muang of Phayao before choosing the site where the capital of the Lanna Kingdom was to be founded. Henceforth, Chiang Mai not only became the capital and cultural core of the Lanna Kingdom, it was also to be the center of Buddhism in northern Thailand, King Meng Rai himself a very religious leader who even founded many of the city’s temples that remain important to this day. Chiang Mai is one of the few places in Thailand where it is possible to experience both historical and modern Thai culture coexisting side by side: the city features centuries-old chedis and temples next to modern convenience stores and boutique hotels. This dichotomy is best appreciated within the moat-encircled old city, which retains much of the fortified wall that once protected the city center as well as the four main gates that provided access to the former Lanna capital city. Strangely, for many years tourists had mistaken Chiang Mai simply as the base from which they could plan trekking and rafting trips to hill tribe villages and explore other provinces. Once in Chiang Mai however, tourists are surprised by the fact that there are so many things to discover other than its beautiful and historic temples. Intriguing diversity among ethnic tribes, a number of elephant camps, many cooking & massage schools, numerous outdoor activities, a variety of handicrafts workshops, various cultural performances, and breathtaking scenery make Chiang Mai one of Asia’s most attractive tourist destinations. The phrase "a day in Chiang Mai is enough to see things around town" was once a common expression. Today, two weeks in Chiang Mai may not be long enough for travelers to experience all that Chiang Mai has to offer.

The old city of Chiang Mai is a showcase of the north’s fascinating indigenous cultural identity that includes diverse dialects, a delectable cuisine, distinctive architecture, traditional values, lively festivals, numerous handicrafts workshops, northern style massage, and classical dances. Chiang Mai city features old-world beauty and charm as well as modern luxury and convenience. In addition to centuries old temples and some outstanding shopping opportunities, Chiang Mai is also blessed with pristine natural resources including mountains, waterfalls, and rivers. The presence of numerous hill tribes that feature a wealth of unique cultures enhances Chiang Mai’s distinctive diversity. Hill tribe trekking, often combined with river rafting and elephant riding has always been one of Chiang Mai’s greatest tourist attractions. Nowadays there are innumerable activities and attractions both in the city and the surrounding province, including massage instruction and golf. Moreover, visitors can visit workshops where they can learn about the production of silk or silver, and purchase memorable, hand crafted souvenirs. With such a diverse range of attractions and an equally grand selection of dining and accommodation options, Chiang Mai is a place where both backpackers and luxury tourists can enjoy the ultimate Thailand holiday.

Key Tips

-Many elephant camps do not engage in Elephant-friendly practices. Avoid patronizing camps that exploit Thailand’s elephants.

-Patronizing the Royal Folk Arts and Crafts Training Center in Mae Hong Son benefits both villagers and the authenticity of native arts.

-The admission fee for the Chiang Mai Zoo is not inclusive of the fee to visit the Pandas.

-If you plan on arriving in Chiang Mai during the Songkran festival (April 13-15) make sure you pack everything in plastic prior to placing it in your luggage.